Arts and Culture

In making commitments to fund the performing and visual arts (including theatre, music, fine arts, dance, film and video, poetry, publishing and arts and crafts), we are cognizant of the mission of the Foundation to support projects, programs and activities that “are demonstrably creative in concept and excellent in substance; that elevate people’s spirits, goals and capacities above the level of basic needs . . . primarily through opportunities for meaningful education [and] . . . participation in the arts; and that promote inventiveness and entrepreneurship.

  • Pursuant to that mission, we will prioritize gifts that can make a significant difference in an organization’s capacity to develop, create or sustain projects and programs in the arts that meet standards of artistic merit and feasibility, and that are distinctive or inventive; are inclusive of diverse artists and themes; are accessible to diverse and underserved audiences; that challenge, provoke and inspire change; build and expand communities; and that illuminate and educate artists and audiences.
  • We place a special emphasis on programs that embrace the development of young professionals and propel them towards successful and sustainable careers in the arts, that cultivate greater diversity and equity in the arts, and that are at the nexus of art and social change.
  • We also seek to incentivize directly the creation of artistic works that advance the mission of the Foundation to elevate people’s spirits, goals, knowledge and capacities.


In line with the our mission, the Foundation will give strategically to support innovations in education that increase the effectiveness of educational systems and create and improve opportunities for under-served students. 

In order to accomplish this goal, gifts will fit generally into one of two categories:

Innovation: Innovation gifts are oriented towards new organizations and programs that are pioneering novel concepts in education. The Foundation will seek out creative new ideas that are backed by evidence and will provide assistance needed to foster innovation. These gifts will be structured to support the organizations to develop deeper evidence of effectiveness, mature, and create true impact on their target populations.

Strategic: Strategic gifts are oriented towards more mature programs and organizations with a demonstrable track record of effectiveness serving their target populations as well as adaptability/innovation in their methods/programs. Typically these organizations will be of a size that makes a gift from the Foundation meaningful and will have leaders who are willing to partner/mentor/advise organizations that have received Innovation grants.

Health and Human Services

As a primary consideration, the Foundation recognizes the interconnectivity of health and social conditions and the importance of addressing inequities in connection to social determinants of health.  Within this larger framework, the Foundation focuses its giving on creative initiatives that:

  •  demonstrate an evidence-driven model that recognizes and addresses social determinants of health
  • can be scaled and/or replicated and are on a path to sustainability, or are themselves processes for scaling or replication.
  • focus on populations that have less access to healthcare and to social and physical environments that support health and well-being.  
  • are led by organizations that keep apprised of and adapt nimbly to the policy environment. 


Through Justice grants, the Foundation seeks to advance the interests of three populations vital to a thriving, just and pluralistic democracy. To that end, it funds programs and organizations committed to:

  • Promoting opportunities to enable at-risk, incarcerated and returning community members to thrive, with a view to long-term national efforts to achieve equitable justice systems.
  • Advancing security and opportunity for community members struggling on the path to citizenship.
  • Implementing strategies to activate disenfranchised and disengaged voters.