In line with the our mission, the Foundation will give strategically to support innovations in education that increase the effectiveness of educational systems and create and improve opportunities for under-served students. 

In order to accomplish this goal, gifts will fit generally into one of two categories:

Innovation: Innovation gifts are oriented towards new organizations and programs that are pioneering novel concepts in education. The Foundation will seek out creative new ideas that are backed by evidence and will provide assistance needed to foster innovation. These gifts will be structured to support the organizations to develop deeper evidence of effectiveness, mature, and create true impact on their target populations.

Strategic: Strategic gifts are oriented towards more mature programs and organizations with a demonstrable track record of effectiveness serving their target populations as well as adaptability/innovation in their methods/programs. Typically these organizations will be of a size that makes a gift from the Foundation meaningful and will have leaders who are willing to partner/mentor/advise organizations that have received Innovation grants.