Areas of Interest

Step Afrika


The Foundation seeks to effect change and meet needs within six primary fields of interest:


  • Education

    The Foundation supports education programs that promote educational opportunity for under-served students; that expand STEM programs; that encourage invention, entrepreneurship and commitment to social responsibility; that provide in-school and after-school arts experiences and training; that support public libraries; that offer learning and development opportunities for women and girls; and that advance social justice.

  • Arts

    The Foundation supports small theatres; music and dance organizations that promote excellence and accessibility in performance, training and education; theatre and film projects, including projects that promote social justice objectives; and museums that create and offer visual arts programs and exhibitions that promote excellence and accessibility.

  • Social Justice

    The Foundation supports programs that advance social justice by creating opportunities to enhance the economic, social and cultural lives and status of racial minorities, women and girls, military veterans and others who lack access to resources to live healthy lives of dignity and fulfillment.

  • Community and Civic Responsibility

    The Foundation supports programs and activities that further the goals of community and civic responsibility through education, arts, advocacy, film, social engagement and public service. Programs that help meet basic social needs, or that respond to public emergencies, may be supported as part of achieving this purpose.

  • Health and Aging

    The Foundation is interested in programs that enhance access to health care, as well as health care literacy and education, for under-served populations. Though the Foundation is unlikely to make any major gifts in medical research, gifts in support of research and patient support for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients and for hospice care will be considered.

  • Preservation of the Natural and Built Environment

    The Foundation is interested in the preservation of the natural environment and resources, and in buildings of historic significance that enrich the built environment.


Please note: The Foundation does not consider unsolicited proposals for support from organizations that are not prior grantees. However, others are welcome to bring to the attention of the Foundation programs and organizations functioning within the Foundation’s areas of interest, provided that no solicitation of gifts is included in the introduction.