Project Pericles

Building on the legacy and innovative vision of Eugene M. Lang, Project Pericles is a vibrant consortium of 30 colleges and universities (“Pericleans”) across the country that promotes participatory citizenship and social responsibility as essential elements of the undergraduate experience. Its goal is to help students build the habits, skills, and knowledge that will enable them to lead lives of active citizenship addressing the many social and economic problems facing their communities, states, and nations.

Founded in 2001 by Eugene Lang, Project Pericles is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Its model is unique and involves work in the classroom, on the campus, and in the community. Project Pericles engages at all levels of the campus, collaborating with presidents, provosts, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. It engages students on Periclean campuses – directly through Periclean programs and indirectly by helping to foster a campus culture that thoroughly integrates civic engagement and social responsibility, most importantly, in the curriculum. Its projects and programs include: Creating Cohesive Paths to Civic Engagement, Debating for Democracy (D4D), the Periclean Faculty Leadership (PFL) Program, and Student Choices – Student Voices (SCSV).