Concerts in Motion

The Eugene M. Lang Foundation provides funding for Concerts in Motion’s intergenerational programs. Concerts in Motion is a New York City-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that brings personalized, high-quality live music and engagement to thousands of people every year. Audience members include older adults, caregivers, veterans, individuals with disabilities, individuals with mental illness, individuals experiencing housing and food insecurity, and hospitalized patients of all ages. Concerts in Motion’s professional and student musicians reach people where they are, virtually and in-person, with meaningful music and conversation.

Concerts in Motion’s Intergenerational Programming is designed to positively impact young people and older adults and to connect people across ages, cultures and backgrounds. Concerts in Motion offers a variety of opportunities for students ages 6-18 from schools throughout New York City to serve communities in need with their unique skills and talents. Through youth concert participation, shared creative expression in Open Mics, leadership training and community outreach, students touch the hearts and minds of some of New York City’s most isolated residents.